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How to design the perfect attic bathroom

27 Feb, 2023

Making the most of the space in an attic bathroom can be a real challenge, and even more so if it’s small.

In this post you will find inspirational ideas to help your project shine with its own light.

Ideas for creating a sublime attic bathroom

There are as many attic bathrooms as there are styles, from the more rustic varieties, which play with robust materials such as stone and warm materials like wood, particularly in beams, to spaces with a focus on biophilic design, where the environment is overflowing with greenery, and so on and so forth.

Finding the style that fits best

These include the minimalist style, characterised by functionality, neatness and simplicity.

Minimalist attic bathrooms have their own special charm. Nothing is done without thought, every detail counts. Every single element is in exactly the right place to add the perfect touch to the design and maximise practicality .

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A strategically positioned window

Natural light in a bathroom is a privilege. If you want to enjoy this feature, it is vital to include at least one skylight in the sloping roof, which helps to increase the 

natural light in the space, but also makes it feel more open.

In addition, if you use primarily white and light neutral tones when decorating your attic bathroom, this will reflect the natural light, increasing its energetic power for the user.

Choosing the best shower tray

You can reserve the highest part of the bathroom to fit a light shower tray with an exquisite design, such as our Elan Epoque shower tray, for example.

Shower tray for attic bathroom
Elan Epoque Pearl Grey

With its high performance and luxury design, this shower tray will turn your attic bathroom into a haven of self-care, connection and absolute well-being.

In our shower tray catalogue you will find a wide variety of collections, sizes, colours and textures that will enable you to fully personalise your tray.

Tips for a small attic bathroom

A small attic bathroom is even more challenging, as it becomes more important to enhance the brightness and the feeling of spaciousness. Here are some useful and practical tips on how to achieve this:

Install a large mirror to decorate your bathroom

A must-have to gain light and space.

It is a good idea to opt for white or timeless neutral colours, a typical feature of modest homes that are so popular nowadays.

These tones are ideal to give your small attic bathroom a touch of your own style. It is also a very easy tip to apply.

Small attic bathrooms to share

If, in addition to being small in size, the bathroom is also to be used by more than one person, 

wall-hung double washbasins are an ideal choice.

And, what’s more, you could also make the most of the space and share it effectively by having the option for one person to take a shower while another enjoys a pleasant bath.

Functionality at its best.

Attic bathroom with bath and shower

If you start with an optimal bathroom layout, everything, well almost everything, is possible. And even if your attic bathroom is small, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on certain features, such as having both a bathtub and a shower.

In this case, the best option may be to place the shower where the ceiling is highest, and put the bathtub where the ceiling is inclined, as the bathscaping experience is most often enjoyed lying down.

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If you found these tips useful, keep an eye on our blog, where our motto is:

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Attic bathroom with Elan Epoque shower tray

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