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Polished cement finish bathrooms


We are encountering social changes at an ever accelerating pace. In the face of such changes, we seek stability and long for a return to natural materials in their rawest form. All things industrial have become the booming trend in bathrooms and polished cement finishes are at the top of the list.

In search of being in touch with calm and serenity, interior design embraces the raw; the essence of nature in its purest form is being shown in the bathrooms, in this context, aesthetics of the past, such as the industrial style, are reclaiming spaces.

Simple lines, exposed construction elements, bare walls and untreated materials are back, creating atmospheres characteristic of the New York lofts of the 90s. And they are back in a renewed and avant-garde way, thanks to new technological materials that add functionality, warmth and sophistication, such as Acrystone®, a lighter and unalterable material for bathroom equipment developed by mcbath.

Sperit is the new shower tray that includes among its finishes the Concrete texture, inspired by polished cement. A solution that transforms the bathroom space through the strength of a light, steadfast and easy to install material such as Acrystone®, and integrating it into an industrial aesthetic.

Bathrooms with polished cement finish: beyond industrial inspiration

The use of polished cement textures in the bathroom has always been characteristic of industrial style environments. However, as a result of experimentation and the combination with other materials such as metal, wood or natural fabrics, new, more eclectic uses and trends are emerging.

The new Japandi style bathrooms -which fuse Japanese and Scandinavian styles-, the Wabi-Sabi style -which praises imperfection, handcrafted pieces and naturalness-, the Mediterranean style or the Raw style, are new environments in which the polished cement finish finds its new habitat, whether on walls, shower panels, floors or in the shower tray.

Sperit: a shower tray inspired by polished concrete

Although polished cement has some aesthetic qualities in trend, it has several technical limitations that disadvantage its use in the bathroom. Its installation is very complex and it is quite heavy and cold to the touch. In addition, due to its composition, it can suffer from deterioration, losing its shine and cracking over time. 

Overcoming these limitations and prioritising durability, mcbath has developed Sperit in Concrete finish. It is a new shower tray that simulates the raw and industrial aesthetics of polished concrete while incorporating the warmth, easy installation and versatility provided by the Acrystone® material. A surface with elegant and clear lines, which will be very easy to install and will be very interesting for its cost and customisation possibilities.

Its minimalist aesthetic is ideal for any bathroom project, making it a shower tray designed for now and for tomorrow, making it perfect for any type of project and for any need.

Sperit has textured edges, as well as a well thought-out, ergonomic grid and a curvature that facilitates drainage. It is manufactured in over 30 sizes, as well as the possibility of being made to measure, and can be cut on site. Advantages for maximum adaptability.

Acrystone® is based on a composition using polyester from mineral fillers bonded to recycled polyester resins. This mass is coated with a thick outer layer of 700 micron Life Coat with an improved formulation based on unsaturated ISO NPG polyester resins. This is one of the features that guarantee the immutability of our products, as well as their lightness, rapid installation and resistance to hydrolysis, thus surpassing other materials and techniques such as painting.

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