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How to decorate a small bathroom: The keys to optimising space


Small bathrooms present a fascinating challenge when included in interior design projects. Optimisation of space is essential when creating a functional and attractive environment, while maximising the potential of small bathrooms. 

We understand the importance of hitting the mark with every detail so as not to oversaturate the atmosphere or make the space look dreary. If the question 'how to decorate a small bathroom' has brought you this far, the answer lies in finding the perfect balance. 

In this post we will delve deeper into this topic, sharing tips to improve the feeling of spaciousness, as well as exploring the key pieces that make the difference, with the focus on innovative and versatile solutions.

Tips to answer your question: How to decorate a small bathroom

Decorating a small bathroom can be a challenge, but with the right strategies, it is possible to transform even the smallest spaces into areas that are as practical as they are inviting. Here are some tips to inspire you:

1. Use mirrors strategically

Mirrors are powerful allies in the decoration of compact bathrooms. Pacing a large mirror or multiple mirrors on the wall can create a feeling of spaciousness and brightness, reflecting natural and artificial light into the room.

2. Opt for light and neutral colours

Light colours, such as whites, creams and greys, have the ability to visually open up a space and make it feel larger. Painting the walls and choosing accessories in these tones can contribute significantly to the perception of spaciousness.

3. Make the most of vertical space

Install floating shelves or tall units with good storage capacity to make the most of vertical space. This allows essential items to be organised in an orderly and accessible way, freeing up floorspace.

4. Strategically illuminate

Precise lighting can bring a new look to a small bathroom. Combine ambient light, focal light and accent light to create a welcoming, well-lit environment that makes the space feel larger.

5. Use translucent or glass elements

Translucent elements, such as glass partitions, allow light to flow freely through the space, creating a sense of continuity and spaciousness.

6. Keep it organised

Keeping the bathroom tidy and clutter-free is vital in smaller rooms. Use organisers, baskets and hooks to keep essentials close at hand and avoid unnecessary clutter.

7. Minimise decorative details

In a small bathroom, less is more. Opt for minimal accessories and decorative features so that the space doesn't feel overwhelming.

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How to decorate a small bathroom: Key elements for space

Shower trays that can be cut to size and in corners

The choice of shower tray is essential to maximise space in a small bathroom. Cut-to-size and corner shower trays offer an ingenious and stylish solution. They allow the shape and dimensions to be adapted according to the needs of the available space, thus creating a feeling of spaciousness.


Malenke Angular Stone shower tray

Minimalist wall-hung washbasins: Elegance and functionality

When it comes to small bathrooms, every centimetre counts. Minimalist wall hung basins are the perfect choice for optimising space without compromising on contemporary style. Their clean design provides an ideal feeling of spaciousness and modernity.

They are one of the best assets of small bathrooms, as by freeing up floorspace, they are able to create a greater sense of fluidity in the room.

Place a freestanding bathtub in a small bathroom and say 'yes' to sophistication

Contrary to common belief, even in an XS space, it is possible to incorporate a freestanding bathtub. This item adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the bathroom, making it the oasis of relaxation dreamed of by more and more consumers.

That said, before we finish, we would like to recommend that you take a look at this post on 'How to design a small bathroom with a shower or bathtub'. Whatever your choices, by following the advice in this article, achieving a compact, functional, aesthetically pleasing and visually spacious project can be a surmountable challenge.

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