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Keys to designing charming small bathrooms


Transforming small spaces into oases of style and functionality is no mean feat. Creating charming small bathrooms is an exciting challenge that is important to overcome given the dimensions of today's lifestyles. 

Designing charming small bathrooms involves overcoming space restrictions. Each part and accessory has to have a practical design without renouncing elegance. Creating charming small bathrooms is not only about aesthetics, it is also about maximising every square millimetre to provide functionality. 

For this reason, today we will look at some tips on how to liven up complete mini bathrooms, dazzling in their perfect design and convincing due to their high functionality. Read on to find out how to turn limited space into a creative opportunity.

How to create charming small bathrooms

With these tips you can defy space restrictions and make something unique that will exceed the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Creativity in Distribution

Intelligent layout is essential, especially in small bathrooms. Creating a harmonious atmosphere with a minimalist essence in which no detail is missing (or overdone) is essential. 

Incorporating quality solutions with impeccable design, such as those available in our collection, can make all the difference.

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Shower vs. bathtub for mini full baths

Which is better? Creating charming small bathrooms with a luxury shower tray, or daring ourselves to have a bathtub that gives it a sublime touch, despite being faced with a mini space?

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The ideal window: Light and space in compact bathrooms 

One of the fundamental keys is to integrate windows that not only provide natural light, but also create the illusion of more space. Playing with these openings to the outside is an ideal alternative to transform mini bathrooms into bright and welcoming spaces.

Space-saving doors: Efficiency with charm

Doors are also fundamental elements in the design of charming small bathrooms. Top of the line doors help to add a touch of elegance and save space efficiently, allowing convenient access without compromising on design.


In short, designing charming small bathrooms is an art that requires vision, innovation and quality products. Solutions that are transformed into sensations, comfort and well-being regardless of the space in which they are located.

If you are looking for inspiration to decorate your small bathroom projects while optimizing space, go here.

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