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Double-bowl washbasins: aesthetic functionality for two


In this new era in which your bathroom is an oasis of self-care and wellbeing, we are proposing spaces with a humanistic and totally personalised design. A dichotomy in which we look for practicality and, at the same time, aesthetics and solutions that allow you to experience your "me-time" to the fullest, letting time run away from you.

Double sinks take centre stage in master bathrooms, the new "jewel room" of the house

What size does a bathroom with a double-bowl washbasin need to be?

Forthe installation of a double-bowl washbasin, some minimum measurements must be taken into account in order to ensure ease of use and not to overload the space.

- The wall on which it is placed must have a minimum width of 121cm.

- The perfect distance between the centres of the two washbasins should be between 60cm and 90cm.

- As for the height, as a general rule it must be a minimum of 85cm from the ground.

At mcbath, we help build a better future. That's why we believe in flexible bathrooms and create solutions that let you completely customise your double-bowl washbasin. In the case of choosing two countertops and washbasins, they can be installed at different heights to be used, for example, by children in the home or people with reduced mobility. In addition, many of our models allow the possibility of adapting to size. Therefore, it will be essential to know at what height to install the sinks.

Advantages of having a double-bowl washbasin

  • Functionality: everyone can make use of it regardless of time, making the most of having their own space. Maximum comfort where technology is more humanised than ever, with a people-first focus, but perfectly in balance with the environment.
  • Another level of aesthetics: it is important to consider that the symmetry of the double-bowl washbasin brings serenity and harmony to the space as a whole, providing visual balance. The room will appear larger and will serve as a focal point from which to organise the rest of the bathroom.

Ideas for double-bowl washbasins: inspiration for bathrooms with personality

  • Double-bowl washbasins with made-to-measure countertops

As our countertops exemplify our commitment to achieving maximum flexibility in the bathroom, you can customise the washbasin countertops to measure and even the washbasin model. Bathrooms that are prepared for a more organic and natural future.

Acrystone® technology countertops are a solution that is also available with double-bowl washbasins. They come in different colours and, due to their lightness, they are easy for installers to work with and adaptable to make installations quicker.

lavabos-doble- seno

Made-to-measure ULISES Basalto Acrystone® double-bowl washbasin countertop

A limitless future is possible with Acrymold® Solid Surface, a material that gives you bold shapes and unique pieces. Double-sink washbasins with organic designs that are adaptable to any need and manufactured with a new generation material that offers exclusivity and aesthetics in any type of project.


Acrymold® Puzzle countertop with integrated sink.

  • Double-bowl washbasin, but with separate units

On the other hand, you can also choose to install separate washbasins that are united in aesthetics and style.

In this environment inspired by BALTIC bathroom furniture, we see a bathroom set with Nordic style in white and wood, natural and minimalist, composed of a matte white Acrymold® Solid Surface washbasin on a solid oak support. With a comfortable shower as the icing on the cake.


Another way to enjoy a double bathroom but with separate washbasins is this industrial-inspired bathroom with the Teseo wall-mounted washbasin with straight lines that fits perfectly with the trend of polished cement finish bathrooms and to which you can add decorative touches in black or dark wood. When aesthetics combines with functionality.

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