Bathroom furniture

We create flexible, functional structures which visually lighten the space.

Bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture leaning towards a more minimal, humanistic and organic future. Flexible washstands made of metal or wood, in harmony with the new vision of living the spaces.

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mcbath Bathroom furniture

Our bathroom furniture reduces the materials and its aesthetic to the minimum expression while visually enlightening the space. A design that studies and answers the challenge of functionality.

Our catalogue offers furniture made of:

  • Acrymold® Solid Surface: a material that lets us create audacious shapes and a soft and velvety texture in white with matte finish. Being a solid non-porous Surface, it is more hygienic and safer and prevents bacterial and fungal proliferation.

  • Acrystone: the advanced material developed by mcbath manufactured from mineral load and recycled polyester resins covered by a thick layer of gel coat. A more resistant and highly light material available in any of our RAL colour chart.

  • Acryprint: the same composition as our Acrystone with the use of advanced techniques of decoration over the gel coat surface. One more step forward an aesthetic reproducing a bold design wanting to achieve a more personal idea of bathroom.

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