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Our proprietary mould manufacture technology: the secret to the perfect shower tray

09 Jun, 2021

In the process of manufacturing and installing a shower tray, accurate measurements are crucial. Accuracy leads to an excellent result and leaves the customer happy with the work.

In order to ensure a completely true shape for shower trays, McBath has a proprietary mould manufacture technology that uses 3D models and life-size prototypes.

Thanks to this mould-making system, our products can be much more efficient. And they are also technically superior and perfectly meet the target set in the design phase.

How does McBath's in-house mould manufacture technology work?

Our shower trays are perfectly true because we have the right tools to carry out the entire product design process, from concept phase to distribution.

Particular needs may become apparent during the process. If they do, we can suggest multiple alternatives using advanced 3D modelling programs.

Those programs allow us to quickly and efficiently develop 3D models and life-size prototypes of a particular shower tray.

How are our prototypes and models manufactured?

We machine blocks of compact high-density material using on our own 5-axis numerical controls. In the prototyping phase, we rely on 3D printing.

Our life-size prototyping ability gives us great versatility and valuable responsiveness, both in terms of speed and design innovation.

We manufacture moulds systematically which allows us to produce moulds with the best performance characteristics to fulfil their intended function. We can reproduce the measurements and other characteristics of a shower tray exactly, repeatedly and without variation.

Our mould making is extremely meticulous. That, together with our knowledge and the exhaustive quality control we perform on our products, makes mcbath products ever more efficient.

In this business, we know that the target set for a project in the design phase is very important. That is why we have strived to build a system that allows us to perfectly replicate that target, to produce shower trays with superior technical qualities.

We have all the tools necessary for the manufacture of our products in our own facilities. That undoubtedly gives us greater capabilities in advanced surface design.

We are able to develop surfaces configurations that are as complex as those to be seen in aviation. The progressive slopes of our shower trays and the integration of the Cover wastes into the Andromeda and Nova shower trays, for example, are proof of that.

There is no doubt that thanks to our proprietary mould manufacture technology, we have perfectly aligned the 3D surface design with the know-how to manufacture moulded parts, producing pieces of the highest quality.

Centuria Stone Shower Tray White (cut-out)

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