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Elevate your Modern Nordic Style Bathroom Designs


In the world of contemporary interior design and architecture, the Nordic style has emerged as a booming trend that is making its way into bathrooms. Its simple elegance and functionality make it a popular choice among renowned professionals for creating unique spaces.

The Nordic style encompasses a wide variety of interpretations, from modern and minimalist to vintage Nordic bathrooms or industrial Nordic style bathrooms. That's why finding Nordic style bathroom solutions designed to integrate harmoniously into any variant of your projects is vital.

The foundations of Nordic Style in Bathrooms

Nordic style is an expression of timeless elegance and refined functionality. When applied to bathrooms, this design approach translates into a series of distinctive features that transform a bathroom into a sanctuary of simplicity and comfort, following premises such as:

  • Minimalist Design: This style is characterised by a focus on simplicity and the absence of superfluous elements. Each of our solutions, from flat shower trays to minimalist washbasins, are designed with clean lines. This not only creates a visually appealing look, but also improves the functionality and the feeling of spaciousness in the bathroom.
  • Use of Natural Materials: One of the cornerstones is a connection to nature, through biophilic design. From warm woods, in elements such as Nordic-style bathroom furniture, to durable resins in our shower trays, each material is carefully selected to create an environment that reflects authenticity and warmth.
  • Serene Colour Palette: The most commonly used colours are capable of evoking a sense of calm and peace, ideal for creating relaxing and cosy spaces. In our catalogue we offer a wide range of elements in neutral tones, such as white, beige and light grey. These colours not only create a calm base, but also allow the flexibility to add subtle colour accents when needed.
  • Optimised Functionality: Functionality is another basic feature of Nordic design. In that sense, each of our products, whether a flat shower tray that maximises space or a minimalist washbasin that prioritises efficiency, is created to offer optimum functionality without compromising on style.
  • Natural Lighting: Abundant natural light is another hallmark of spaces in this style. It is essential to carefully consider how each piece interacts with the light in the bathroom. Choosing pieces that help to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere is a must.

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Key pieces of Modern Nordic Style Bathrooms that break the mould

Flat Shower Trays: The essence of Nordic simplicity 

Flat shower trays are the epitome of minimalism and functionality. If they are flush with the floor, they blend in harmoniously with the Nordic style. With their clean lines and impeccable finishes, they bring a sense of spaciousness and fluidity to any bathroom.

Nova extra-flat shower tray

Free-Standing Bathtubs: A touch of Scandinavian distinction

In Nordic interior design, freestanding bathtubs are prized for their ability to evoke an unparalleled sense of relaxation and well-being. 

Our bathtubs, with their smooth lines and ergonomic design, epitomise the simple luxury that characterises the Nordic style. These elements add a touch of distinction to any bathroom design.

Exa freestanding bathtub

Minimalist washbasins: Fusing functionality and style

Washbasins are central elements in any bathroom design, and as we mentioned, in the Nordic context, simplicity and functionality are key.

Our minimalist washbasins are not only impressive design pieces, but are also created to offer optimal functionality. Their clean aesthetics and pure lines make them the perfect choice for bathrooms with a Nordic style.

Hattic Washbasin
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