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How to choose your washbasin. Countertop washbasin or washbasin with integrated countertop?


When choosing the ideal type of washbasin for a bathroom project, there are many aspects to take into account. The height of the sink, the type of material chosen will determine the washbasin’s functionality, and we will need to choose a washbasin either with or without furniture, depending on storage needs and the available space. We also need to consider whether a washbasin that will sit on a countertop or one with an integrated countertop is preferable. These are some of the factors to assess to achieve a bathroom that is not only aesthetic, but also durable and comfortable.

Knowing what types of bathroom washbasins are available on the market and their advantages and disadvantages is key to making the best decisions and meeting the requirements of the bathroom project we are working on.

How to choose the right washbasin for the bathroom?

Choosing the right washbasin is crucial to achieve functionality and comfort in the bathroom. One of the main priorities will be to opt for a resistant and durable material, key for the washbasin to meet the expectations of remaining unchanged by use and the passage of time.


Choosing the washbasin material

There are many materials available, such as traditional porcelain or marble. However, in recent years we have advanced our technological development. We are pioneers in the development of more avant-garde materials that not only exceed the requirements of resistance, but also allow for more advanced aesthetics.

Two of today's leading materials are Acrymold® Solid Surface and Acrystone®. Acrystone® washbasins allow a wide range of colours, including customisation, and are manufactured using recycled PET bottle resins bonded to mineral fillers, with a protective gel coat layer on the surface. Acrymold® Solid Surface, on the other hand, is an advanced all-mass, non-porous, highly aseptic material that offers a velvety feel and a minimalist aesthetic in matt white.

Both options are customisable in the composition of countertop and washbasin, according to their shape and installation mode, and both are also antibacterial.

With these materials, we are not only able to develop washbasins that are durable and sustainable, but also fully customisable in terms of colours and shapes. Thinner and with minimalist geometries.

Washbasin with or without furniture?

But, of course, in addition to the material, it is important to choose the type of washbasin that we are going to install wisely. A question to take into account is whether it will be a washbasin with or without furniture.

At mcbath, we have both types of washbasins, and each has its own advantages.

The washbasin without furniture is becoming more and more popular due to its minimalist aesthetics, especially for contract projects that do not require so much storage capacity. However, washbasins with furniture have a great advantage for use in the home: the ability to provide storage space in the bathroom.

The material, the furniture and whether it will be a single-basin or double-basin washbasin are some of the questions to take into account when choosing a washbasin. In this sense, the objective of the project must be specifically known, and a decision must be made accordingly.

But, undoubtedly, having the option of choosing a made-to-measure washbasin is key for this element to adapt 100% to the needs of each bathroom project.

Which is better: countertop washbasin or washbasin with integrated countertop?

When choosing between the different types of washbasins for the bathroom, we must also decide on the type of installation. In this sense, we will have to solve the following dilemma: Which is better: a countertop washbasin or a washbasin with an integrated countertop?

Advantages of countertop washbasins

They have gone from being a vintage option to becoming the purest mark of modernity. They come in all shapes and sizes: round, oval, square, rectangular, small, large, coloured, etc.

But the advantages do not end there, because countertop washbasins, such as the Wok washbasin or the Delios washbasin, also stand out for the following reasons:

  • They are elegant. Whatever their shape, they rise above the countertop and this gives them a very elegant and eye-catching look.
  • They don't splash. Another advantage of this type of washbasin is that, due to their shape, they do not tend to splash, even when the tap is turned on at maximum intensity.
  • They are very versatile. Thanks to the many different shapes, colours and types, countertop washbasins are very versatile and can add a different touch to every bathroom.


Rodas countertop washbasin in Acrymold® Solid Surface on Acrystone® countertop


Acryprint® Wok washbasin on countertop


Advantages of washbasins with integrated countertops

Washbasins with integrated countertops, such as our Ocean and Ulises washbasins, also have a host of advantages that make them the preferred choice of many users.

  • More depth. Generally, these types of washbasins are deeper than countertop washbasins, and offer more countertop space.
  • Simpler faucet. Because the faucet comes out of the countertop itself, it is a low-level faucet system, making it easier to install.
  • This type of washbasin is usually easier to clean, as the countertop and washbasin form a single piece of the same material, eliminating barriers and obstacles that make maintenance difficult.

Which of the two options is better? The reality is that both installation methods have advantages and the choice will depend on the requirements of each bathroom and the aesthetics you wish to achieve.


Ulises washbasin with integrated countertop in Acrystone®


Ocean washbasin in Acrymold® Solid Surface integrated above Acryprint® countertop

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