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Expanding our logistics capacity

11 Nov, 2022

Driven by our desire to always strive for excellence, we have opened two new warehouses: in Madrid and Paris, which are added to our warehouse in Italy. Both aimed at improving and speeding up our delivery service, which is our priority in order to achieve the commitment that each of our customers deserve.

Thanks to these new facilities we are expanding our logistical capacity, which means:

  • Operating and therefore providing service more days per week.
  • More swiftly supplying not only Madrid and Paris, but also the provinces nearby.
  • Shortening lead times for high-demand stocks of shower trays made with our Acrystone® technology.

Shower trays in resin and mineral fillers

Extra-flat, non-slip, antibacterial, perfect for easy installation, resistant and durable over time, our shower trays are distinguished by their great adaptability to suit any project.

They are also characterised by their minimalist design which has a touch of exquisite elegance.

We are trendsetters with our Leading the Way philosophy and our move towards an organic, flexible and practical home through innovative materials such as Acrystone®.

Acrystone® comprises technology developed by our own R&D team. It is based on a composition that uses polyester from mineral fillers bonded to recycled polyester resins within its mass. This mass is coated with a thick outer layer of life coat with an optimised formulation based on unsaturated ISO NPG polyester resins. One of the peculiarities that guarantee the inalterability of our shower trays is their resistance to hydrolysis, which makes them superior to other materials.

Our Acrystone® shower trays use resin made from 25% post-consumer recycled PET bottles. Specifically, each piece produced recycles 100 1.5-litre bottles of recycled PET. This makes our products more sustainable.

Centuria Stone Nox shower tray

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