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Weirdcore style: The Bathroom Design Revolution


One of the emerging trends of the moment. An imprint of the future. As contemporary as it is incredible. This is Weirdcore, much more than a groundbreaking style of decoration that opens a door to the future.

Fantasy, psychedelia and surreal touches to create bathrooms that defy convention define Weirdcore bathroom interior design. Surprising pieces, bold colours and vibrant atmospheres bring this style to life.

A Creative World in Bathroom Design

This groundbreaking trend has conquered the world of interior design and architecture with its extremely creative approach. 

In this post, we dive into the Weirdcore bathroom design revolution and discover how vibrant coloured shower trays are one of the keys to bringing unique and inspiring bathrooms to life.

On the one hand, Cotton Silk opens the door to a universe full of vivacity and lightness. Available in a wide range of shades, it is an ode to design thanks to its unique colour range that deepens the personality of each room.

Cotton Silk shower tray in ivory, mocha, ocean blue, salmon orange, natural pink and canary yellow

On the other hand, Elan Epoque, in addition to the wide range of readily available finishes (white, ivory, beige, cappuccino, mud, pearl grey, cement, basalt, anthracite and graphite), can be customised with any colour from the RAL chart.

Shower tray Elan Epoque Soft Lavender RAL Chart

Weirdcore: The Essence of the Extraordinary in the Bathroom

Cotton Silk shower tray in Natural Pink

Challenging the Conventional: the Inspiration behind Weirdcore

Weirdcore is inspired by the unusual and the extraordinary, challenging the established norms of bathroom design.

Fantasy, psychedelia and surrealist touches are combined to create bold and surprising spaces.

Every element, from groundbreaking accessories to bold colours, contributes to a style that transcends the everyday and transports users into a magical and immersive world.

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Weirdcore Vibrant Coloured Shower Trays for Bathrooms

At the epicentre of our interpretation of Weirdcore are vibrant coloured shower trays.

These pieces capture the essence of the trend with their broad colour palette and their ability to infuse life and energy into the bathroom. From lush tones to energetic colours, these shower trays offer a unique sensory experience and create captivating atmospheres.

Bathroom Design That Challenges the Usual

Elan Epoque shower tray

Breaking Barriers: the Versatility of Weirdcore

Weirdcore dares to break barriers and challenge the norms of bathroom design. Its vibrant and surprising environments are not content with the conventional, but seek new forms of creative expression.

Brightly coloured shower trays are the perfect canvas for this versatility, allowing architects and interior designers to explore endless combinations that reflect the personality and tastes of each client.

A Design for Creative Souls: Weirdcore in Action

Weirdcore is more than a style of decoration; it is an experience for creative souls and lovers of the unique.

Vibrant coloured shower trays become essential elements in creating bathrooms that arouse emotions, stimulate the senses and transport users to a world never before imagined.

Beyond the Usual: Combining Extraordinary Elements

Weirdcore is able to combine extraordinary elements in a harmonious and captivating way.

Groundbreaking shower trays act as catalysts for this perfect combination of elements that take bathroom design to the next level. From decorative tiling to designer fittings, every detail contributes to the magical atmosphere of a Weirdcore bathroom.

Breaking Moulds: Innovation in Bathroom Design

Weirdcore is synonymous with breaking the mould and going for the unexpected.

Shower trays with innovative shapes and eye-catching aesthetics challenge the established conventions of bathroom design. 

This creative boldness offers interior designers and architects the opportunity to create memorable spaces that captivate their clients.

Baño estilo Dreamcore o Weirdcore

Weirdcore style bathroom

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