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What Acryprint® decorating technology looks like


Acryprint® is the technology by which we apply decorations inspired by natural stone on shower trays, countertops and washbasins. We’ll give you an insight into what this advanced technology consists of.

Exploring finishes and materials that let us lead on new aesthetics and anticipate the future of the bathroom has been part of our DNA since our establishment. 

This philosophy has driven us to develop new technologies such as Acryprint®, an innovative patented decorating technique by which we apply natural stone-inspired graphics onto the gel coat on our Acrystone® material. Skins with high visual impact and high resistance that we apply on shower trays, bathroom countertops and even washbasins. 

That's Acryprint® technology

The Acryprint® decoration technique consists of decorating the surface of the shower tray with a high-definition graphic, creating finishes inspired by elements of nature. 

It is a stand-out technology, different from other decorating processes, that enables us applying the finish on edges, slopes or complex and curved shapes, consistently creating the same artwork on any surface. As such, we apply Acryprint® not only to shower trays and worktops, both flat surfaces, but also on washbasins with curvilinear shapes, using the same process and creating the same finish as on the shower tray. 

A ‘total-look` effect integrating the various elements of bathroom furnishing and creating high visual impact.

Acryprint® decorating technology

Acryprint® technique applied on Mirage shower tray, Aire washstand and Wok basin. Mirage Black Finish


Products decorated using our Acryprint® technique gain a highly protective and matte finish, without losing the strength or lightness of the material. 

Possible finishes include Black Marquina, White Calacatta, Beige Travertine and Grey Travertine.

Acryprint® Calacatta White on Mirage shower tray, Scala washstand and Wok basin

Mirage shower tray in Marquina Black finish

Wok basin and Acrystone® countertop, Marquina Black finish

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