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Rewind to Redo


"Those who do not return to their origins do not find the true path to the future."


Design is not just about the product. Design determines the future. Thanks to it, we can set a course to improve people's quality of life and be part of their tomorrow.

At mcbath, we work towards a better potential future, improving the bathrooms of the future and our way of life. That is why we have gone back to our origins to put the right questions to the right source: nature.

Because going back to our origins is not going backwards. It is creating solutions, on a human scale, by collaborating with our natural essence. Learning from it to mark out a different path, that improves people’s quality of life.






O R I G I N : the return to natural intelligence

Good design is as little design as possible. Design that returns to purity and simplicity, resulting in a product that is environmentally friendly, honest, understandable, more usable, and, above all, innovative.

Rewind to Redo

O R I G I N is the new (r)evolution of the shower tray. To design it, we have conversed with nature through biomimicry, and we have applied the most advanced manufacturing technologies. Its internal body has a parametric design that reproduces the geometry of a honeycomb structure, thus creating the lightest and most sustainable tray to date, but with high mechanical strength.

Rewind to Redo

Its drainage is based on the golden ratio, considered to be the most beautiful and harmonious, and the most pleasing to the human eye. This design controls drainage in a natural way and improves water disposal. A new harmonious and organic shower tray made of Acrymold® Solid Surface, which takes functionality and aesthetics to another level.

Rewind to Redo
  • Ultra-light
  • We have reduced the use of raw materials by 50%
  • Sustainable
  • Thanks to its improved weight, we have also reduced the environmental impact during the product’s entire life cycle.
  • The drainage system and grating are also made of Acrymold® Solid Surface, creating a mono-material design that makes the product 100% recyclable.

S P E R I T : the perfect solution for every project

With minimalist lines, S P E R I T is the answer to any kind of need, in any bathroom project. An all-terrain shower tray that adapts to any project.

Rewind to Redo

Made from Acrystone®, S P E R I T is available in more than 30 formats, with finishes in two new exclusive textures that simulate concrete and fabric, Concrete and Fabric. It also offers the option of customisation in any colour from the RAL chart, as well as its availability in 10 standard catalogue colours.

Its textured edges, the studied and ergonomic grating, decorated with the logo, and the slight curvature of its surface to facilitate drainage are some of the key features that invite you to rediscover the traditional concept of the shower tray. To have an experience each time you use it.

E X A: designed for relaxation

The E X A bathtub is the result of a combination of carefully studied formal and functional attributes.

Its shape's rounded contours and its universal dimensions make it a bathtub specially designed for relaxation. Made of Acrymold® Solid Surface, it stands out for its soft feel and maximum hygiene.


Additionally, its design amplifies aesthetic possibilities, as it can be selected in pure white or with a decorative graphite exterior.

Understand to create.

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