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How to unclog a washbasin step by step


The daily use of the washbasin and the passage of time can generate clogs in its pipe. As a result, preventative maintenance is the most effective solution.

Although it is not frequent, sometimes, and due to inadequate maintenance of the equipment, we can find ourselves with a clog in our washbasin. Learning how to unblock a washbasin and, above all, how to correctly maintain the pipes to prevent these types of faults, are very useful procedures when it comes to facilitating the maximum functionality and durability of a good product. 

In this article, we outline the steps to follow to unclog a bathroom washbasin, both professionally and using home tricks that can work well for minor clogs. 

How to unclog a washbasin

In order to successfully unclog a washbasin, the first step is to determine where the clog is located. To do this, we can open the bidet tap to check if the pipe drains correctly. 

If the bidet empties normally, the clog will be in the pipes leading from the washbasin to the siphon canister. Otherwise, it is likely that the blockage is located in the siphon canister itself. 

How to unclog a washbasin step by step

1.Open the siphon canister

To unblock the washbasin, open the siphon canister with a screwdriver. Remove all the pieces, remembering the order in which they were placed so you can reinstall them correctly later. 

Once the siphon canister is open, we remove as much dirt as possible from the inside. 

2. Unscrew the waste from the siphon

Next, we’ll get closer to the washbasin, placing a cleaning basin under the pipe and unscrewing the siphon drain. Here, we can remove the dirt by hand.

3. Push the dirt through the siphon canister

If there is a clog in this area, we can insert a spring plunger to remove it. Carefully, and without forcing the plunger in, start pushing the dirt towards the siphon canister. 

4. Remove the dirt

Now the dirt that was in the pipe will have reached the siphon canister, and we can remove it with gloves on

By following these steps, we can unclog a clogged washbasin pipe. However, the most important thing is prevention and encouraging the proper use and maintenance of equipment. We recommend preventing objects from getting into the drain, removing hair and soap residue and, from time to time, applying a chemical drain cleaner to remove the remains of products that have stuck to the walls of the pipe.

Other home-made methods to unclog a washbasin

In addition to the method above, there are some home-made methods to unclog a washbasin, if the blockage is minor. 

Using baking soda and vinegar to unclog a washbasin

Apply baking soda to the drain and wait 5 minutes. Then pour in a good splash of white vinegar and leave it to act for half an hour. 

Once the time has elapsed, pouring down a jug of boiling water is the last step to unclog the washbasin. 

This method is effective, but it may take several repetitions to get the washbasin completely unclogged. 

Using hot water to unclog a washbasin

If the reason for the blockage is the remains of personal hygiene products in the pipe, it is possible to achieve acceptable results simply by pouring down a good amount of boiling water

One aspect to take into account is that, if the washbasin is made of porcelain, it is important not to pour boiling water on its surface, but to aim it very well so that it goes directly down the drain. 

Using dishwashing detergent to unclog a washbasin

Pouring in ¼ cup of detergent, followed by boiling water, can help unclog the washbasin if the clog is caused by fatty products. 

Using a coat hanger to unclog a washbasin

The typical wire hanger can be a great help in unclogging a washbasin at home. Stretching it out and bending the end into a hook shape is the key to getting the dirt out of the pipe. 

To use this method, insert the hanger into the pipe and move it past the clog. Then move it around until it catches all the hair and substances clogging the pipe. 

Once all the debris that is clogging the washbasin has come out, running the hot water helps to flush out any debris that has stayed stuck to the pipe. 

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