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Bathroom vanity ideas for creating the perfect area


When creating the perfect bathroom vanity area, the choice of furnishings, the material of the countertop, its cleaning needs and an efficient bathroom layout are the most common concerns. 

In order to make the right decisions and create an environment that is comfortable and functional at the same time, we must keep your needs and lifestyle in mind. In addition, the vanity unit and basin is the most decorative part of the bathroom, so it is worth choosing a specific style.

You would need to establish the ideal layout according to the dimensions of the room, and choose the right equipment for your needs, without forgetting to include enough storage space.

In this article, we will show you the most important aspects and vanity ideas for creating the perfect bathroom for you.

Wall hung vanity unit ideas

A freestanding vanity unit saves space in the bathroom. The vanity doesn't get in the way and the it fulfils its function, adds style and gets rid of barriers so that you can make better use of the room. Therefore, incorporate a wall hung vanity furniture or washbasin and install a shelf for accessories or storage at the bottom, avoiding unnecessary obstacles.

This idea is also an excellent option for small bathrooms, as it helps to give the design of the washbasin a certain lightness, and it leaves the floor clear for better cleaning.

Bathroom vanity area

Minos Acrymold® Washbasin

Double vanity unit ideas

A good choice is to convert this room into a bathroom for two, where each person has their own space for personal hygiene. In this case, we suggest installing a double vanity unit.

A double vanity unit with a shared countertop is the most common option because the space is still divided but you can make the most of the unit’s storage space. On the other hand, if you have a larger bathroom where the objective is to have more privacy, you can install two separate washbasin units to differentiate between areas.

For either option, taking symmetry into account will successfully create a designer bathroom without ruining the aesthetic of the space, either using wall hung or integrated furniture.

Bathroom vanity area

Ulises Acrystone® Washbasin

Bathroom vanity countertops ideas

Looking for durability and design? Acrymold® Solid Surface countertops vanities will give you the aesthetic and durability across time that you really need. An important aspect in the vanity area is cleanliness. That’s why the material of these countertop vanity units has no joints or pores, maximizing hygiene and cleanability.

An example of a model made of this material is the Delios with countertop, which can fit in with any bathroom.

Bathroom vanity area

Scala countertop vanity unit in Acrystone® Solid Surface + Delios Washbasin

Another good idea is adding a countertop with an integrated washbasin made with Acrystone® technology, which means you can have made-to-measure resin washbasins. This is a material that is lightweight, durable, resistant, and which can be customised in a variety of colours, allowing the bathroom to be completely customised by matching its finish with the shower tray or wall panels.

Vanity finishes and colors ideas: play with colour and aesthetics

We use materials that provide versatility for the design of your washbasin area. For example, the Acrymold® Solid Surface Puzzle collection of washbasins and countertops, which allows you to configure your bathroom your way when you are designing it. Aspects such as resistance, cleanability and durability over time are prioritised.

Bathroom vanity area

White vanity unit Y07 in Acrymold® Solid Surface

If you prefer to have made-to-measure countertops with an integrated washbasin in different colours and finishes, you can opt for resin products made from Acrystone®, which allow for maximum customisation in terms of finishes, enhancing the design of your washbasin area. You can choose a black vanity unit or grey vanity unit among other colours, and also a printed vanity unit in marble finish thanks to Acryprint® technology.

Bathroom vanity area

Scala unit with Acrystone® resin countertop, customisable in colour and made-to-measure

Small bathroom vanity ideas

Having less space in the bathroom does not mean losing out on design and functionality. In order to have a special vanity area in a small bathroom, choosing made-to-measure furniture and equipment is the best option.

At mcbath, we propose made-to-measure washbasins in different sizes, both large and small, allowing us to adapt to the requirements of any space. We make made-to-measure washbasin countertops, and in addition, materials such as Acrystone® can be cut to size and adjusted in situ. With this, you can enhance the space volume and integrate a washbasin unit without losing out on practicality. For us, offering an adaptable service and maximum customisation for your spaces is key in terms of adding uniqueness, functionality and aesthetic harmony.

Likewise, compact equipment will help create a visual lightness, giving the bathroom more of a minimalist design. All this, without forgetting one of the most important objectives of designing a small bathroom: having as much storage space as possible.

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