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Advantages of the Acrymold® Solid Surface for bathrooms: safety

23 Sep, 2020

Acrymold® Solid Surface is a revolutionary, high performance material. Being full mass and poreless, it is aseptic, which makes it one of the safest options for wet spaces such as the bathroom.  

The best way to predict the future is to start building it. 
At mcbath we believe in a healthier future, both for people and the environment. A future for bathrooms characterised by safety and hygiene, with materials which are easy to maintain and durable over time. 

Projects in wet spaces such as the bathroom are especially sensitive to the proliferation of fungus and microorganisms. For this reason, the demand for aseptic, easy to clean materials in this room has increased and become more discerning. 

Our solutions have the commitment of facilitating the work of professionals and the day to day lives of users. Therefore, we develop technology based on safety which set the course for the future of the bathroom. This is the case of Acrymold® Solid Surface, one of the materials with which we manufacture shower trays, countertops and washbasins, and which make the bathroom a more hygienic space. 

  • It is a non-porous, antibacterial and “full mass” material, which makes it safe, easy to clean and maintain, and prevents the proliferation of bacterial.
  • It can be manufactured without visible joins, preventing corners in which bacteria may nest.
  • It is inert and non-toxic.
  • Acrymold® Solid Surface shower trays are non-slip, making the shower safer, more functional and more accessible.

We are committed to the safety of materials and contribute to health in bathroom spaces, guaranteeing the peace of mind of our collaborators. 

Puzzle Y10 washbasin

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