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Rewind to reconnect


"Only when you ask yourself how you feel,

do you find out how you want to feel... 

and you travel the path until you experience it"

An experience brings out emotions and creates memories. It encompasses a sensory involvement and a temporary interaction with the user.

At mcbath, we turn every product into an experience. From an industrial, manufactured and high-performance piece to sublime experiences that transmit unique sensations to each individual. 

Because in an experience, people generate meanings and associations that become more important than the product itself. 

How do you feel?

How do you want to feel?

Rewind to reconnect with yourself, with your sense, with your purpose.


It's time to feet on the ground. 

Innovative and sensitive shower trays

We transform the way ahead by opening the door to the future with materials and products that improve people's lives. To this end, we embrace sustainability as the vehicle of tomorrow. Where technique allows us and you to leave the smallest footprint on our environment.

It's time to make the bathroom a place to rediscover experiences, without leaving a trace

The most revolutionary technologies and the most perfect designs to provide durability, comfort and long-lasting sensations elevate our shower trays to an exceptional level of performance and experience.

Manufactured in Acrystone®, our new shower trays offer a host of benefits, including the following:

  • Sustainability: mass of light mineral fillers bonded to recycled polyester resins (25%).
  • Resistance: 700-micron thick LifeCoat layer.
  • Lightweight and cut to size to facilitate more efficient installations.
  • Antibacterial and resistant to hydrolysis, far exceeding the durability of other materials.
  • Repairable and with a five-year warranty, too.

The new Elan Epoque: the luxury of harmony and passion at its purest

Elan Epoque shower tray
Elan Epoque shower tray

Rediscover your sensory origins. Feel the balance between calm and beauty. Elan Epoque opens up a world of peace and relaxation, of sensations that you can feel at your fingertips. Textures, finishes and luxury designs never before imagined, to turn the bathroom into a sanctuary of profoundly vital (re)connection.

Environment with Elan Epoque shower tray
Environment with Elan Epoque shower tray

Our new Elan Epoque shower tray is an imprint of the future. Classically inspired and based on ancient mosaics, it elevates the sensory experience to another level.

With an impeccable aesthetic of textured edges, it enhances atmospheric beauty, creating a harmonious visual effect with perfect balance.

Environment with Elan Epoque shower tray
Environment with Elan Epoque shower tray

Its feel provides stability and comfort thanks to its anti-slip effect, which is a guarantee of safety while using. Elan Epoque offers high-quality finishes and accessories that extend its versatility. 

Elan Epoque shower tray in detail
Elan Epoque shower tray in detail

Available in white, ivory, beige, cappuccino, mud, pearl grey, cement, basalt, anthracite and graphite, as well as in an even wider range of options from the RAL chart, it can be customised down to the smallest detail. And, to make the perfect match, the grille completes the product with a gold, copper, graphite or steel finish.

Elan Epoque Grid
Elan Epoque Grid

Cotton Silk: unparalleled softness, functionality and aesthetics

Cotton Silk Rosa Nature shower tray

Colours that can be touched; sensations that can be seen. The Cotton Silk shower tray opens the door to a world full of vivacity and lightness. An ode to design, with its unique chromatic range that deepens the personality of every bathroom. A shower tray that evokes an embrace full of light, a delicate feeling able to withstand the test of time.

Its new Silk texture (matte and silky) has great anti-slip power, highlighting both the pleasure of sensation and the safety of the people who enjoy it.

Cotton Silk shower trays in their new colours (moka, marfil, azul océano, naranja salmón, rosa nature y amarillo canario)
Cotton Silk shower trays in their new colours (moka, marfil, azul océano, naranja salmón, rosa nature y amarillo canario)

Playing with colours and creating unique solutions for every project is a must at a time when personalisation is vital in spaces. Because we think that the future will be humanist or it just won't be... and, for this to happen, the user and their feelings have to be at the epicentre of everything. 

Cotton Silk Naranja Salmón shower tray
Cotton Silk Naranja Salmón shower tray

Versatility that has never been seen before. The exceptional properties of the Cotton Silk shower tray are endless. In addition to the wide range of sizes available, there is also an innovative palette of colours to make the most of the sensations experienced in the bathroom.

Environment with Cotton Silk en Azul Océano shower tray
Environment with Cotton Silk en Azul Océano shower tray

And the new dye colours for Cotton - mocha, ivory, ocean blue, salmon orange, nature pink and canary yellow - are all trend-setting. A trend that, as a starting point, marks the beginning of the creativity needed to achieve the objective: excellence in experience. 

Go back to your origins. Feel the whole world that is hidden beneath your feet. Feel like it's those first times again. Get wet. Get dirty. Touch. Walk. Live.

#LeadingTheWay means feeling without limits.

Elan Epoque shower tray + Cotton Silk shower tray

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