Washbasin Puzzle Acrymold® con Encimera Personalizada

mcbath offers the possibility to customize your bathroom with a washbasin adjusted to your election in three simple steps:

1 – Choose the washbasin you like.

mcbath offers a wide range of washbasins. All of them are presented in matt white and are made with mineral compound.

You can choose between a circular or rectangular Acrymold washbasin, this can be without embedding, semi-recessed or embedded with rectangular hole for the valve (not included). All the washbasins are antibacterial.

The dimensions of the washbasin that you can choose

  • Ref.Y01 Embedded circular washbasin: 35 cm diameter x 12 cm depth
  • Ref.Y02 Semi-recessed circular washbasin: 36 cm diameter x 14,5 cm depth
  • Ref.Y03 Embedded rectangular washbasin: 48,5 cm long x 28,5 cm wide x 11 cm depth
  • Ref.Y04 Embedded rectangular washbasin: 48,5 cm long x 28,5 cm wide x 9 cm depth, with rectangular cover of the same material.
  • Ref.Y05 Rectangular washbasin: 71,5 cm long x 27 cm wide x 10 cm depth
  • Ref.Y06 Embedded circular washbasin: 37,5 cm long x 11 cm wide x 9 cm depth
  • Ref.Y07 Semi-recessed rectangular washbasin: 40 cm long x 13,8 cm wide x 12 cm depth

2 – Select worktop and measurements.

Once the washbasin has been chosen, select one of the Acrymold worktops with custom cut and matte finish.

During the manufacturing process, an anti-bacterial treatment is applied.

It offers the possibility of curved or straight ending, as well as the possibility of installing a mechanized towel rail. All the worktops have a rectangular shape. Valve is not included.

  • Ref.R Straight worktop: 60 – 200 cm long x 45 – 52 cm wide x 1,2 cm thick
  • Ref.C  Curved worktop: 60 – 180 cm long x 45 – 52 cm wide x 10 cm front
  • Ref.E  Right angle worktop: 60 – 200 cm long x 40 – 52 cm wide x 4 cm front
  • Ref.I  Right angle worktop: 60 -200 cm long x 45-52 cm wide x 10 cm front

3 – Select your accessories.

  • Towel rail: At the worktops (Ref.I / Ref.C) You can add a towel rail at the place you need it.
  • Cut: The worktop can be adapted to any washbasin, and holes can be made to embed the basin or holes to put the basin above it.
  • Tap hole: The customer can choose the place where he wants to make the hole for the taps, on the sides, centered, displaced…
  • Plinth: You can add a plinth of the dimensions that the customer needs. You can chose, the height, the width…
  • Supports: the customer can choose how many supports he wants to include at his washbasin.