Liceo shower trays

Liceo is an example of pure and simple geometry, which can be easily incorporated into any environment. It contributes to create an elegant and solid space, where you can surround yourself with simple and refined shapes.

Do you want a custom shower tray?

mcbath Liceo Collection

The Liceo, with its Vulcano texture, is a light shower tray made of resin and mineral load manufactured in Acrystone. Its main quality is that the drain, with a diameter of 50 mm, is hidden under a rectangular lid of the same material as the shower tray. For this tray we supply a quality wastepipe to drain the water just like the rest of our trays.

This shower tray features 3 edges on the sides of the tray, which provide additional safety against any risk of water overflow. These edges are integrated in a very natural way in the design of the tray so they are visually pleasing. As it is based on mineral load, this shower tray can be cut to size on the side opposite the drain.

Liceo shower tray can be manufactured in 10 standard colours or you can choose among one of our RAL colour.

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