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Resin Shower Trays

The shower tray has become an increasingly common element in bathrooms, because it is more practical than bathtubs. The new trends in design and decoration make bathrooms a space as demanding as the rest of the house. Therefore, the shower tray should have a high quality, with materials that offer durability, hygiene and safety to all members of the family, in addition to combining with the esthetics of the bathroom.

We are manufacturers of quality shower trays. We also offer shower services of all shapes, rectangular, square and angular. As they are produced of resin and mineral charges can be cut easily, to fit perfectly in any bathroom, no matter how specific the space is.

Slate Shower Trays

As specialized manufacturers in shower trays, we are as concerned about the quality of our products as their esthetics. That’s why we apply the latest technology to our slate texture shower trays.

All our collections are composed of resins and mineral charges to give shower trays robustness and durability.

Due to the sudden changes in temperature often suffered by the shower trays, the result of the change in seconds from an ambient temperature to a much higher temperature, which can cause structural damage with prolonged use, if the materials used in the manufacture are of low quality. That´s why, all the shower trays we manufacture have high quality materials and a perfect combination of resins and minerals that guarantee strength and durability.

Anti-slip Shower Trays

Safety is a very important factor when you have to choose a shower tray. The degree of non-slipness of the shower trays, according to the UNE EN 12633 standard, can vary between Class 1 (lower degree of slip resistance) up to Class 3 (greater degree of anti-slip).

Knowing this importance, all our products have the Class 3 anti-slip classification, which guarantees your safety on surfaces with soap and water. Despite their high degree of anti-slip resistance, they are easy to clean. In addition, all our shower trays have an antibacterial certificate.

The valve of the shower tray is a very important element as it helps in the evacuation of the water. A good valve does not helps only in the shower drain correctly, also avoids infiltration problems. That´s why, at mcbath we have the highest quality valves for all our shower trays.