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We achieved the silver medal in the EcoVadis 2022 certification

17 Jan, 2023

We are proud to have been awarded a SILVER MEDAL in the prestigious EcoVadis 2022 certification, recognised as one of the world's most reliable business sustainability ratings.

In compliance with specific criteria that promote performance in terms of sustainable development.

Leading The Way, a strong commitment to the environment

We realise that the best way to predict tomorrow is to start building it, and that design not only affects the product, it also determines the future.

That is why we understand sustainable design as the way to achieve excellence, because according to our philosophy, being better means being better for the planet. This is why, since our foundation, we have been committed to R&D&I in order to improve technology and make it more sustainable and humane.

In this respect, we develop advanced technology based on high-end recycled materials, low-weight mineral fillers and natural raw materials. This all comes with the challenge of obtaining materials that will improve the quality of the bathroom space; that are increasingly lighter, more inalterable and durable, and therefore more respectful of the environment.

Sustainable materials designed to last

At mcbath we are committed to extending the useful life of products, because we understand that in order to reduce the environmental impact surrounding their consumption, manufacture and marketing, the best way is to make them last longer.

We design technology from recycled waste. All products made with Acrystone® (resin shower trays, panels and bathroom countertops) use resin with post-consumer recycled PET bottles. Specifically, each mcbath shower tray recycles an average of 100x 1.5l bottles of recycled PET.

In addition, the raw materials we use are natural. 75% of each Acrystone® shower tray and countertop is high quality, high purity dolomite.

Maximum efficiency in manufacturing processes

The manufacturing processes we use are energy efficient.

This is because the chemical reaction of the mineral and the polymerisation of the resin does not require any energy input, since what is known as an exothermic reaction takes place.

The only energy input is in the curing phase of shower trays - our main line of business. In this process, we use sustainable energy sources such as pellets, avoiding the use of fossil fuels.

About EcoVadis

EcoVadis has grown to become the world's largest and most prestigious provider of sustainability ratings. Its network currently has more than 100,000 rated companies.

Its sustainability assessment methodology is the basis for its ratings and scorecards, as well as a way of assessing the degree to which a company has integrated CSR and sustainability principles into its business management system. It is based on seven founding principles:

  • They carry out the assessments through international experts.
  • They are adapted to the industrial sector, the country and the size of each company.
  • They diversify sources to ensure that they obtain full input from a variety of stakeholders to achieve a reliable rating.
  • They use technology to ensure a confidential and secure process, as well as an accelerated cycle time.
  • They provide transparency and traceability of documentation.
  • They are evidence-based.
  • They work to achieve excellence through continuous improvement.

Its methodology is based on international sustainability standards, such as the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact and ISO 26000.

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