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Washbasins for small bathrooms. Make the most of your space


Our bathroom solutions are the result of our philosophy: a vision of the future that we approach from a humanistic point of view, where technology improves lives and makes them sustainable in the long term. 

Proof of this are each of our products, as with our modern washbasins for small bathrooms, which we are going to talk about now.

What are the best washbasins for small bathrooms?

The option you choose from our range of custom-made washbasins will depend on the size of your bathroom. All of them have organic designs and are for various types of installation, adaptable to any space.

Our washbasins for bathrooms of any size stand out due to their vibrant designs, which we offer in two types of materials:

  1. Acrymold® Solid Surface: this material allows us to achieve bold shapes and smooth finishes with a velvety texture.
  2. Acrystone®: a material made with mineral fillers and recycled polyester resins covered with a thick outer layer of gel coat.

Suspended washbasins 

Wall-hung washbasins offer many advantages, not the least of which is their space-saving design.

As they do not have a pedestal, there are no obstacles underneath, so if you need extra storage, you have the option of installing a cabinet or a lower shelf. Also, as they are suspended washbasins, you can leave them free of any additional elements, keeping the room clear and improving the feeling of spaciousness. To achieve the best finish, it is essential to know at what height to install the sink.

Teseo washbasin

Aside from being washbasins for small bathrooms that allow you to make the most of the space:

  • Their avant-garde design, which seems to levitate, is perfect for minimalist bathrooms.
  • They guarantee easier and more effective cleaning, because hard-to-reach corners are eliminated.

In short, they are a great option for small bathrooms, since they allow you to gain centimetres in depth.

Floor standing washbasins with storage

Another type of washbasin for small bathrooms that you could choose for your project are floor standing washbasins with storage space.

In many cases, small bathrooms are part of homes that are not very spacious themselves, so users always appreciate having room to store the necessary hygiene and cosmetic items in this room.

This is the case with the Tebas washbasin, with its compact, square floor standing design. It is made of Acrymold® Solid Surface in matt white, and incorporates three recesses that function as shelves for storage. One of the washbasins with furniture for small bathrooms, ideal for adapting your space to the real needs of everyday life.

Sink for small bathrooms with shelves for storage

Tebas washbasin

Countertop washbasins

These products are also included in our range of small washbasins, as our countertop washbasins with reduced depth are available in various different compact sizes:

  • Calipso or Rodas, 30 cm deep countertop washbasins.
  • Wok, a round washbasin with a diameter of 35 cm.
  • Nicea, Delios or Egeo, square washbasins that measure 40x40 cm.

Our washbasin options are very flexible and allow you to play with the geometry of the space.

Lavabo baño pequeño sobre encimera

Countertop washbasin

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